Big toe nail fungus symptoms and treatment

According to statistics, a quarter of the world's population, both men and women-risk patients 35 to 75 years. The most frequently affected thumb nail and high risk-traumatization. Timely treatment for nail fungus big toe will prevent the recurrence of the disease at home to get help quickly.

Fungal lesions causes quotes

Under toe nail fungus therapeutic measures is a difficult challenge, 70% of cases after treatment, the disease comes back. The infection brings discomfort, but for life is dangerous.

nail fungus

The real danger with high Vitality, fungi, parasites, embedded in the human cells. That's a long time to be asleep and the only positive factors.

The reduction in question is immune on the background:

  • Endocrine disorders;
  • Of the overall system diseases;
  • Arrival;
  • Slowing metabolic process;
  • Dermatological infections.

Mushrooms also can occur in the big toe in women pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal abnormalities and other disorders is a kind of utility.


Risk people usually resident in the area in a humid environment you visit, sports halls, swimming pools, saunas and baths. The fungus infects when worn someone else's shoes, to the common use of personal hygienic items. Of these cases 30% of infections, pedicure, non-sterile tools.

Old people are especially prone onychomycosis. Age related changes that occur in bone tissue changes acid balance, road, rapid penetration and spread of infection.

How to recognize nail fungus?

Intensified the symptoms of the disease less penetration, the layers of the epidermis visible infection are itching, burning sensation, skin covers, peel, crack, and over time visible open pockets.

The mutation of the nail plate thickens, breaks the horny layer, visible jaundice, the color is irregular. Slowly the surface of the nail is painted gray or yellow color. Without treatment, the plate deformation and to collapse completely on the road roll.

Big toe nail fungus pathogenic disease attached to various clinical picture:

great for a finger nail fungus
  • Dermatophytes – color with white or yellow longitudinal stripes;
  • Fingunt mushroom – Yesil black or a tint plate;
  • Mushrooms – brown nail color, wavy plate.

A fungal infection that is characterized by disruptive changes to an extent depending on the phase. In the first stage, in the test, the difference is subtle whitish spots or strips.

In the second stage, the lesions, the fungus on the plate to lose a healthy appearance, thick, color-changing. It's a bad smell visible. Inflamed skin around the nails and nail swells.

The third stage shows such as onychomycosis toe nail fungus developing in hypertrophic external photo – the nail bed be completely eliminated, changes color, becomes brittle, collapses. Bacterial infection causes open sores that appear on the skin to join.

Atrophic keratinization cover cause onychomycosis, the fungus spreads rapidly to other parts of the body and penetrate into the skin, it becomes chronic. Other people at high risk of infection.


Featured the thumb nail fungus thickening of the lesions should include this clearly the quotation of platinum, refreshing, and inside her, nail mattresses, swelling and redness of the skin purulent the corners of the selection plate. Therefore, a bad odor, discomfort while walking.

Infectious disease if struck, body, hit to the deepest layers of the epidermis spreads pathogenic flora, nails, skin, and then all the human foot. When the fungus is used for the entrance doors, plate, toe infection under the root of him.

Onychomycosis treatment tablet


A comprehensive approach to curative treatment to eliminate the mycelium (mushroom body) deep quotation: disinfection plate, tissue regeneration, strengthening the body's defense.

Systemic treatment fungus under toe nail is assigned a major defeat when the structural elements on the quotes.


Recommended complementary course drugs and drug therapy vitamin complexes immunostimula – drug, folic acid, magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc, B vitamins.

Tools for outdoor applications

Foot fungus treatment can be a great by using the tools and exterior applications. To do this, the appropriate number, sprays, ointments, varnishes, emulsion, cream, gel, band-AIDS and tools to remove the nail.

In order to implement recommended, varnishes, then mushrooms hortus bo-salt baths, bedtime, good penetration medical components damaged region. Quotation should be clean and dry before applying the medication.

The use of antifungal agents in nails and skin healthy to prevent the spread of the infection solutions and sprays for foot covers shown. The duration of treatment is between a few months and a year. In addition, the antifungal therapy used in medical plasters. Adhered to the nail area cleaned and dried before going to bed, in the morning, the damaged plate is removed scissors.

Public treatment

In the first stage of treatment for the disease folk remedies just maybe, the infection, the patient running you need a form, a comprehensive treatment.

  • If you have a mushroom and little finger, big toe or a finger, to do something productive with a compress of lemon – apply the slice to secure it to the ground this damaged wrap and leave overnight. In the morning remove the bandage and cutting, the part of the nail.
  • Sea salt Bath useful – take a quart of warm salt water, vapor capacity and your legs for 10-15 minutes. The procedure you use every day, before local drugs.
  • Soda effectively onychomycosis treatment – separate teaspoon salt, and 3 liters of grated soap. Before going to bed soak your feet in the bath for 15 minutes. Rub it into dry feet and nail the garlic juice.
  • Also used a compress with soda and lemon – a separate spoon soda, water, a pasty condition, a few drops of lemon. Apply a layer of the nail plate clean with plenty composition for 5 minutes.
  • The best results can be obtained by using the slurry Rowan fresh leaves. Apply the obtained composition to the patient in place, wrap it in polyethylene, by using the bandage secure. Let it sit for a night. Course of treatment – 10 procedures.
  • Potatoes peel mask helps soften the damaged plate. Boil, peel and chop to puree his status. Apply, nails, locks, wrap and wear socks. After 20 minutes rinse with warm water.
  • Kirlangicotu use to resolve the issue, repeat the process with fresh plant juice with the quotation you rub every 2 hours. Total recovery Course– 2 weeks.

Nail removal


Completely get rid of the disease with surgery. This method provides an improvement and has no side effects. The finger antiseptic compounds that are processed process is as follows, on top of the turnstile, running anesthesia with lidocaine. Then the nail plate cleaning surgical instruments, bed, cleanse, dead tissue, and treatment with iodine solution is an antiseptic compress is applied.


Came out to, it's still important to carefully observe hygienic rules: size shoe you wear, constantly change your socks, disinfect shoes and clean break. Important seasonal strengthens the immune system, a balanced diet, exercise.

Run for toe nail fungus easily treat the disease, the need, weight, time, effort and financial outlay. Take care of yourself, health care, preventive methods, and do not self-treatment. First of onychomycosis symptoms, consult a doctor, while will help you a most appropriate for schema therapy and tells how a big foot nail fungus treatment.