How quickly nail fungus treatment at home

Nail fungus, nail, not a life-threatening disease. However, this affliction, a person who gives a lot of trouble. If infection occurs by direct contact with an infected surface.

This is a very long to be a bearer, and any damage of the skin, onychomycosis and lower immune all of a sudden ill.


At home nail fungus treatment techniques

The main reason nail fungus weakening of local immunity and skin damage. Changing the nail structure and different symptoms of sepsis, depending on the severity of the disease.

Initial treatment in the initial stages, then the process is not very long and the symptoms are obvious.

Initiated onychomycosis difficult to treat and long for years until different drugs. Symptoms of diseases and treatment usually depends form. Sometimes you may need to, and remove the plate for surgical intervention.

Nail fungus home treatment there are several ways:

  • Tools pharmacies;
  • Folk recipes;
  • Combining approaches (Option 2).

To cope with mycosis, only to know that combining the approaches and principles of treatment. First, official medical intake of drugs offers a lot of options with various schemes.

Pulse treatment oral pill that works according to the method, i.e., the maximum dose rapid destruction mushrooms. Between classes, there was usually a long silence.

The pharmacy also offer ointments, creams, oils, and varnishes, and mycotic vs film. They keep their base fungicides, yield the same medication but this may change.

A successful nail fungus treatment should be to determine in the first place, appearance, weight, skin type and pathology. All this into account in the selection of drugs for the treatment of mycosis. Your quotes I'm surprised you have only 50% to deal with a condition and it can be a normal ointment.

But other than that, you must use the medication at the pharmacy, and at home in folk medicine. Get the system safer than most drugs available in the price range of this more often. Healing ointment based on butter and make.

Important! Recipes of traditional medicine, you need to apply in the house and the pharmacy are the drug in moderation, in order not to local immune and may make your symptoms worse.


Folk remedies nail fungus treatment

Folk remedies treatment of various fungal in the house.

Onychomycosis treatment for all recipes basic components:

  • soda;
  • salt;
  • iodine;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • garlic;
  • laundry detergent;
  • vinegar;
  • glycerin;
  • alcohol;
  • the herbs.

Any tool represented by a list, or a combination of these will give excellent results even though will have to wait a while until a healthy nail to grow.

Ideally, the first at home should be treated to remove the affected nail plate, and fast food is directed to the lesion region correctly. This accelerates the healing process. Ointments that can be applied from above, and pharmacies, as well as home-made.

Everyone is aware, but the treatment of nail fungus, only in this application, folk remedies, the skin surface at the same time, other surface treatment – change socks daily, laundry service, bed, as well as a shoe.

You will also need to clean the entire surface with a special solution, with which a damaged area of the interviewees, i.e., floors, furniture, kitchen is equipped with utensils.

Toe nail fungus treatment home — cooking recipes

Traditional medicine offers a number of recipes, fast enough to get rid of onychomycosis. Here are some of them:

  • With peroxide baking soda

Fly feet first principle detergent, but instead just add a liter of soda 1 teaspoon baking powder 100 gr. After the procedure plenty of peroxide-soaked a piece of cotton is wrapped around the region and the imposition of long-term exposure to this целлофаном.

The whole process takes about an hour. Better put, this is a compress twice a day, but once, just on a regular basis. The day also infused with a few drops of peroxide into the cavity in the nail.

  • Garlic

Garlic at home treatment is quite simple and effective. Chop a slice of garlic may layers, and defeat them impose обмакнуть salt, herbal salt slurry and a bandage to wear the day together.

To make a compress, such for a night. Also make and onion. Such a slurry mixture with the butter in a successful ointment.

  • The use of ammonia

To treat fungus for a long time people that have alcohol. A glass of normal water with 1 tablespoon ammonia the account. Cotton fabric and applied as a compress in the solution is placed forward on top.

  • Salt-soda-iodine

Universal folk remedy are easy to do at home. Help for accelerated wound healing and acute respiratory tract infections and sore throat when there is nail fungus. Accounting for a liter of water, one teaspoon baking powder, one teaspoon salt and a few drops of iodine.

Растворенными components and wash with hot water every night of the count the required amount of forward foot.

  • Soda can be used to treat fungus separately

Add a small amount of water to get the baking soda slurry to the area and more 20 minutes. Next wash the mixture, gently dry with a towel.

  • Boric acid

Boric acid helps in the treatment of nail fungus folk remedies as it's not bad.

Wash your feet, then socks under the dry regions and leave this night so dust присыпьте lesions. Enough 9 procedures.

  • Mix iodine, glycerin, vinegar

Mix iodine, glycerin, vinegar and boiling water 1:2. Rub this mixture on the affected area is applied. Fungus treatment at home according to this chart again, times 10.

  • Alcohol

Soak the nails with alcohol and a cotton swab to apply the night under cellophane. 2 weeks of treatment.

  • Herbs

Great therapy onychomycosis – grass. Possible to fly the juice of the foot, nettle, sage, peppermint, chamomile. Stir the mixture after the procedure and sleep in the same socks. So of sleep a night.

  • Herbal-based ointments and

Manufacturing ointments, herbal-based oil and requires patience and accuracy. Mint, St. John's wort, chamomile, nettle and sage are mixed and this mixture is equal amounts of butter and added a tablespoon of 100gr.

Cook with herbs, oil, ointment, and so unconscious future in a water bath 30 minutes. When you put somewhere in time, the obtained mixture drain with triple layer gauze. Apply the ointment to the affected area twice a day.

  • Laundry detergent

Fungal nail treatment that offer many Internet users detergent. The reason for this is alkaline capabilities. In such cases, an infection is not life. 100 g of powder is dissolved in warm water (3-5 liters).

Flying feet, each day until the complete disappearance of symptoms this essay, then workout routines for three more days. If you Write a lot, 10 days were able to overcome onychomycosis. This is a most simple remedy.

Important! You need to change socks daily and like your content. These obstacles and mildew is a treatment method that will accelerate reproductive.


How quickly the nail fungus foot treatment — effective method of

Why nail fungus home treatment method yield a pedantic approach to health, as well as different ways комбинированием treat.

Applying it is to use and folk medicine pharmacy drugs and vice versa. This helps to quickly nail fungus treatment foot. The feel of skin dries after using folk remedies, then why buckthorn olive oil or butter on the surface of the skin. The stain may be the last leather and fabric color is Orange.

Folk remedies the disease can be avoided through the need to get already at home, for example, weekly fly the leg above solutions.

This re-infection helps prevent. Also regularly cross-surface, shoes and other antifungal drugs, or in other ways.

Important! If this is not the appropriate vehicle necessary to stop and try another method. A warning for any allergic symptoms by providing quality service, what a way chosen is incorrect.

Nail fungus treatment in the hands of

Nail fungus on hands and feet on the same principles as the treatment at home. The only difference is that instead of socks and gloves apply. Lesions that takes a long time to hold each tool.

The right treatment, fungal lies regular hygiene – hand washing and surface treatment services related to them. Then it doesn't have an infection that is similar to face in the future.

Remember, nail fungus is very contagious, but only in those cases there is the danger of contamination, when decreases, the immune. Therefore, during treatment also consume large quantities of vitamins and beneficial elements.

Immunomodulating drugs are not obstacles, help strengthen immunity. Use at the same time, and crone medicine, pharmacy, not to provoke an allergic reaction. First, more drugs, and then after an hour of a cooked recipe mix. In this way, you can quickly nail fungus treatment is in the hands of.

Remember, in the hands of nail fungus, help, folk remedies, postponement worth of medicine but the official. Thanks to modern medicine, no people combining drugs and a few sessions at the end of the effect of mystic's is a long time.